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  Cryptofreak Projects Main Drag

Our very limited intentions for this site have something to do with creating an easy-to-use collaboration site in addition to the basic content service.

Linux 2.4 Filesystem Porting Issues 3.15.2001 2:59 pm -- jnmiller News

This document is a partial comparison of Linux kernels 2.2.18 and 2.4.0 focusing on changes in filesystem code. Kernel version references are found in endnotes. Please send any thoughts regarding errors or improvements to Jay Miller.

Zope News Portal Product 3.13.2001 10:52 am -- king News

Coming soon ... NewsPortal is a Zope product written in Python presenting a customizable interface to an NNTP news server. See an example of this bad-boy in action at the Cryptofreak News Portal.

Commentator-1.0.0 released 3.13.2001 10:52 am -- king News

Commentator is a Visual Basic 6.0 add-in designed to aid in commenting code within VB projects. It allows for customizable templates that are used to create comment block headers for functions, subs, and modules. Get it here.

Frotz port complete for the VR3 3.9.2001 9:37 am -- king News

Why sit in line for weeks on end, hoping to get your own Playstation2 with all of its flashy graphics, when you could be playing all the classic Infocom games on a Linux PDA? My port of Frotz to Agenda's VR3 is now complete. Serves Actual Crypto 3.8.2001 3:03 am -- ledge News

A small crypto challenge was brought to my attention recently from my fellows at CU. We at are determined to crack it. See also the new mailing list created to aid our crusade. ("Anybody want a peanut?")

Page Construction Begins! 3.7.2001 12:55 am -- ledge News

This place has been in progress for a bit now, as the stuff that we want to put up for some SERVICE has become too great to be using single pages without some kind of navigation. Oh, and if you think it's a little boring and contentless right now, wait until we get the 24-hour Indy Cam up and running. MUHAHAHAHAHAAhahaha!!