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  Cryptofreak Mailing Lists

Here you will find help getting started with any of the multitude of mailing lists that we maintain here at using the totally sweet majordomo 1.94.5.

Subscribing: To subscribe to any of the lists below (I know, there's so many..), simply send an email from the account with which you wish to subscribe to majordomo, cryptofreak dot org with the body of the message (not the subject) like the below example, replacing 'list-name' with -- guess what? -- the name of the list, which should appear in bold on each heading line below.

subscribe list-name

If you wish to subscribe an address from a different account, you can do so using this syntax:

subscribe list-name you, receiving dot addr

Contributing: Sending to the list is even easier. To send a piece of mail to everyone on the list, just address your mail to the list as you see below. Naturally, you can Cc or Bcc the list too, if you like.

list-name, cryptofreak dot org

Unsubscribing: And finally, if you wanna unsubscribe, just replace 'subscribe' in any of the above examples with 'unsubscribe'. Simple!

gkrellmGIMPS Mailing List 3.4.2002 3:07 am -- jnmiller Mail

Because the user/developer base is so small, this list covers both support- and development-related questions for the time being. For more information about gkrellmGIMPS, head over to the gkrellmGIMPS home page. Catching up on the (doubtlessly) huge volume of past list mailings is accomplished by checking the list archive.

antera Mailing List 9.26.2001 1:09 pm -- jnmiller Mail

A list for us happy few, working against time to get some damn money! The Antera project home page has more information for those whose names are on the list. Also available (to those with appropriate access, of course) is the list archive for a record of our haphazard meanderings.

mod-chal Mailing List 3.8.2001 1:55 am -- ledge Mail

This mailing list is for those interested in the recent crypto challenge from some class at CU. Subscribe now! After you subscribe, head over to the list archive in case there's some catching up to do.