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gkrellmGIMPS is a plugin for the GKrellM monitoring tool. It measures the progress of a client participating in the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS).

Current version: 2.2

Some links to hit before working with gkrellmGIMPS:

Debian support is back! 5.3.2003 2:42 pm -- jnmiller News

Finally finished a Debian package since it was fairly popular with the early version. It's available in the downloads section. Enjoy!

v2.2 - Tooltips and bug fixes! 3.24.2003 9:14 pm -- jnmiller News

With thanks again to Frank Solensky, this new release incorporates an estimated completion time tooltip and better handles temp file possibilities. A few bug fixes tag along for the ride.

v2.1 - A Minor Troubleshooting Update 11.16.2002 11:09 pm -- jnmiller News

In response to a recent necessarily nebulous bug posted to the list, the plugin now supports a compile-time debug flag (ever so cleverly named 'DEBUG') that outputs hopefully helpful information to a log file.

Move to this release if you're having problems - otherwise there are no major changes (though it won't hurt you, either).

v2.0 - Back to Life! 11.15.2002 9:01 pm -- jnmiller News

Thanks in large part to Frank Solensky, gkrellmGIMPS is now ported to Gtk+2.0 and a fortiori to GKrellM v2. Mr. Solensky submitted a major patch covering each part of the port and gave me some hope that someone out there is actually using it. Enjoy the new release!

v0.1b - Initial Public Release 3.4.2002 12:33 am -- jnmiller News

gkrellmGIMPS is now public! As my team's current state is struggling through a brutal factoring gauntlet, this release only handles monitoring clients working on trial factoring. More complete monitoring should be along soon.