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  Feast Tracker

Feast Tracker is a small World of Warcraft user interface addon that records the creation of feasts during raids and and allows users to report that data, including feast types and chef names.

Current version: 1.3

Feast Tracker is being managed by me at this development site, hosted by, and you can also pick it up or comment on it at any of the following addon sites:

Feast Tracker v1.1! 5.1.2009 12:40 am -- jnmiller News

This is a quick bugfix release to remove the debug statements I accidentally left in the v1.0 release, and also to make the reports work safely (and effectively) when the feast items aren't in the local cache. Sorry about the inconvenience!

Initial public release! 4.27.2009 11:27 pm -- jnmiller News

Initial public release! Please see the README to get started using Feast Tracker, and also take a look at the screenies to see how it should look!

If you find any broken pieces, I'd love to hear about it!

Feast Tracker beta release! 4.25.2009 9:15 am -- jnmiller News

With the creation of the development site, beta testing can now begin! Thanks, beta testers!