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Riggy is a dice 'bot for pbIRC RPGs. He is specialized for D&D, GURPS, White Wolf, Shadowrun and Mirima Tyalie dice systems. Additional features include random name generation and miscellaneous IRC utilities. He was created to provide a fair and standard interface for dice-based games that take place on IRC. For more information on how Riggy works, please see his documentation.

Current version: 1.3

Riggy is being managed by me at this development site, hosted by

If you're looking for a quick primer on the mechanics of IRC itself, you might try checking out the Guide to IRC that I wrote for Ars Team Prime Rib </shameless plug>.

Riggy v1.3 release! 4.4.2004 10:50 pm -- ledge News

New in this version besides a few minor fixes is a 'd20' game type and usage of the GNU Autoconf suite for better portability (note the updated installation notes). In addition, the Windows version is now sporting hotkeys, a status bar and the ability to minimize to the system tray.

I'm particularly interested in Riggy's portability to OSes other than Linux, BSD and Cygwin since I haven't gone out of my way to find additional test platforms. Please let me know if it happens to succeed or - more likely - fail on your box!

v1.2 Cygwin Bug Fixed 1.9.2004 3:47 pm -- ledge News

A little bug caused makes to fail under Cygwin. I didn't wanna make a whole new release to fix this, so I just snuck it into the current tarball.

So if you had a problem building under Cygwin, try redownloading - it should work now. (Thanks again to ArC KaNe for pointing this out!)

New Screenshots Page! 1.9.2004 3:34 pm -- ledge News

I've decided to add a screenshot page to demonstrate Riggy in action. It includes an IRC transcript of one of my games showing the evil that Riggy can embody. It also shows some captures from the new native Windows version. Check it out!

Riggy v1.2 release! 1.8.2004 12:10 am -- ledge News

While Riggy has always worked in Cygwin, I decided to make a native port to Windows. Doing so assured me that Riggy can be made to work on most other OSs since Windows has some (ahem) significant differences. A nice GUI is also present in the Windows version for configuration.

Additionally, I've generalized and expanded the IRC operations available to Riggy and incorporated 'live dice' into the rolling mechanism via the '-l' switch. Thanks to ArC KaNe for providing the live dice idea to help run his game The Kings Quest.


Riggy v1.1 release! 4.30.2003 11:41 pm -- ledge News

I received a couple of patches recently that got me back on track. One, from Yves Quemener, implements the Shadowrun dice system (game type 'sr'). The other, from B. Lee Adamson Jr., worked the Mirima Tyalie system into Riggy (game type 'mt').

Besides the new dice systems, several bugs have been fixed.

Riggy v1.0 release! 12.1.2002 5:14 am -- ledge News

So I decided to put Riggy in his church clothes and send him off. See above for the new sister site (and you can check out his Freshmeat site, too). Hopefully, this will in time help improve him. As far as new features, the RNG has been revamped to some extent such that it now works moderately well.

I will now sleep for 20 hours.

A RNG in Riggy? 11.6.2002 8:41 am -- ledge News

Due to popular demand, Riggy now includes a real, live random name generator (RNG). It's still in the beta stage, and only supports a few languages, but do try it out immediately. Full info resides in the updated HOWTO.

Riggy + White Wolf = L0v3 6.24.2002 5:00 am -- ledge News

Riggy underwent a fairly major overhaul yesterday. 0.3 is not backwards compatible with previous versions, I'm afraid - the interface was just too kludgey to keep around. A new CLI-style interface should make Riggy much more modular. See the new HOWTO for what's new.

I've also added the notion of successes and difficulty ratings to Riggy so he makes more sense for White Wolf games.

Riggy gets a web page! 5.25.2002 4:51 am -- ledge News

I've added the modifier code to Riggy, so it might be time to make up some real documentation to make up for the retarded 'help' text. He's a little more complicated, so see the updated HOWTO for details.