Jay Miller

1995 E. Coalton Rd. #70-301
Superior, CO 80027-4590

(303) 551-5729 (h)
(720) 209-3085 (c)

References available upon request.



2001-Present Antera Storage Louisville, CO

Software Engineer

  •   Designed and developed a VFS filter driver for part of an SRM solution
  •   Created NAS cluster with virtualized backend storage via iSCSI/NBD
  •   Prototyped a kernel level metadevice layer with RAID-5 respanning
  •   Some web interface programming (i.e. PHP, Perl, and so on)
2000-2001 Tricord Systems Wesminster, CO

Software Engineer

  •   Linux-based file systems:
    •   Bug hunting in company's own file system driver (FSD)
    •   FSD porting research (2.2 to 2.4) - complimented by Alan Cox!
  •   Design/setup/administration of ~50 node Linux/NT/Solaris network
  •   Miscellaneous socket level network utility programming
1998-2000 StorageTek Corp. Louisville, CO

Software Engineer

  •   Linux-based file systems:
    •   Member of a small file system research and design team
    •   Extensive 'StkFS' prototype development
  •   Windows NT filter driver research, design and development
  •   Created various benchmarking and coding utilities
  •   UNIX-based porting:
    •   Ported group product from LynxOS to Linux and Solaris
    •   Ported Internet Software Consortium DHCP to LynxOS
  •   Administered several Linux development boxes
1996-1998 CARL Corp. Denver, CO

Junior Programmer (Intern)

  •   Designed and implemented product-wide security/crypto scheme
  •   Windows 16- and 32-bit API programming:
    •   Designed and implemented several stand-alone DLLs
    •   Fixed various bugs in released versions


1995-2000 University of Colorado Boulder, CO
  •   B.S., Computer Science (12/1999)
  •   B.A., Philosophy (12/2000)

Skills / Interests / Certifications

  •   C; also PHP, C++, Perl
  •   Security/Cryptography
  •   File Systems/Kernel Level

Coding Sample


The following small chunks of code are meant to illustrate some of the skills listed above. They make up a peer-to-peer networking library for use in applications that have need of encrypted datagram-based communication.

Specific abilities involved in creating this 'p2p' library include: C, crypto, socket level TCP/IP programming and signal handling.


Header file for calling programs - fully describes the library's use.


Declarations for the library's internal (private) use.


All functions primary to the p2p library.


Essentially a stand alone library implementing a standard Feistal network for arbitrary data.


A small program demonstrating basic usage of the p2p library.