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Session Transcript 1.9.2004 3:03 pm -- jnmiller Screenies

This is an excerpt from one of our Exalted sessions. Glenthas has just been ambushed in his bathroom, buck naked, by several mean fellows in black.
<glenthas> I'm stunningly handsome by the way. Try not to get distracted. :)
<Deus_Veru> so thats how he gets the ladies ;)
<glenthas> That was 9 dice right?
<@delor> if you charge the attack fully
<glenthas> that's what I'm doing.
<@delor> you can get 9 dice, yeah
<Riggy> glenthas's results on 9d10: 0 Successes @ DR 7 (BOTCH!) (3,1,2,3,2,6,6,4,1)
<glenthas> Oh my god!
<@delor> botch?!?!?!
<glenthas> Damn you Riggy!
<Cawdor> ?!
<Deus_Veru> so whats your next character? *LOL*
<glenthas> guys should hurry.
<glenthas> That's what I get for fighting on wet tile floor. :)
I can only hope Riggy performs better for you than he did for Glenthas.

Riggy's GUI (Win32 Version) 1.9.2004 3:19 pm -- jnmiller Screenies

This is Riggy's main screen while dressed in his native Windows clothes. Logfile messages scroll up the window and configuration and status adjustment are available through the menu bar.

Most of Riggy's options can be controlled via this configuration dialog. Multiple configurations (for different games on different servers, for instance) can be saved and later recalled through this interface.