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  Installation Guide

Riggy Installation Document

(by Jay Miller [jnmiller, cryptofreak dot org])

$Id: INSTALL,v 1.5 2004/04/04 22:33:42 jnmiller Exp $

1. Building
2. Configuration
3. Usage
4. Bugs and Troubleshooting

1. Building
Riggy is setup to make use of the GNU Autotools suite to increase his
portability.  In theory, you should be able to simply run the following
commands and move on to the configuration section:

   $ ./configure
   $ make install

For installation and build customization, try './configure --help'.
Some may be especially interested in changing the default destination
directories.  Without any arguments, Riggy will try to install files in:


So if you don't have root access, for example, you may want to try these
commands instead:

   $ ./configure --prefix=$HOME
   $ make install

This will result in files being placed in the following directories:


An installation configuration like this will also require that you start
Riggy by specifying the location of the config file on the command like
and also that you edit a couple file locations in riggy.conf (see (2)).

2. Configuration
Riggy needs a few pieces of information before he'll get to work.  The
configuration file is by default placed in /etc/riggy.conf.  You may
change this during the build or on the command line with the '-f' switch.
Values in the configuration file should be fairly self-explanatory and
comments are provided.

3. Usage
After he has been configured, starting Riggy is as simple as typing
'riggy' on the command line.  'riggy -d' will send him to the
background.  He should then connect to the specified server and join the
specified channel.

For detailed instructions on actually interacting with Riggy, please
refer to the HOWTO included with the source (also available at the above

4. Bugs and Troubleshooting
If Riggy doesn't show up in your channel or fails in some other way,
check to make sure the values in the configuration file are specified
exactly.  Beyond that, you may refer to his log stored, by default, in

If you suspect it's a problem with the code or you just aren't sure, be
sure to submit a report to me or the list.  Check out the above web page
for more info.  Obviously, I'm also happy to accept patches!

Good luck!