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minihuff is written entirely in portable C as it is intended primarily for embedded applications. This is also why I haven't gone to a lot of trouble in the distribution. There aren't, after all, a lot of Linux distros for the 8051 yet.

This file also resides at the minihuff development site repository.

Source tarballs 11.21.2010 8:36 pm -- jnmiller Downloads
Filename: minihuff-1.0.tar.gz
File Date: November 21 2010 20:36:35 -0700
MD5 Checksum: 2577e59814a4f97eea38751ec772069e
Description: Full source code and build environment.
Old Versions 7.1.2005 12:27 am -- jnmiller Downloads

For older releases, see the minihuff file archive stored at the project's development site.