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The Plugin 3.9.2002 9:45 am -- jnmiller Screenies

ModernII Theme: ModernII
Here I'm monitoring a computer named 'playfair'. I have only the overal progress meter active, and it tells us that we're roughly 60% complete with the factoring WU for P = 18392573.
eSlate Theme: eSlate
This one uses the standard krells to show percentages. The bottom panel also displays the exact percentage and that it's factoring. On the top, the '65 of 66' indicates that it has to factor up to 2^66 and it's currently working on 65 bit factors.
Veg9000 Theme: Veg9000
Here I'm monitoring my SMP box, 'twofish'. It's working on two factoring WUs for the exponents 18819389 and 18816989. The percentages show both incremental and overall for both instances.
aCOW Theme: aCOW
This one is particularly appropriate for Team Prime Rib.

Full Desktop Samples 3.9.2002 9:53 am -- jnmiller Screenies

Screenshot A quick screenie showing a few instances of GKrellM in action monitoring my own GIMPS boxen. (262k)

Note that I'm also hanging out in #distributed with Xyzzy.. and that you should do this too. For help with IRC, you can check out this page. Hope to see you there!