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  "Multiple Hostnames" Patch HOWTO

Justification Docs

For this project, my goal was to have multiple GKrellM instances up on a single screen. These instances would each be monitoring a different physical box, so I wanted labels showing the hostname to which each statistic applied. GKrellM has a facility (with the --force-host-config switch) for adjusting the window title automatically based on the running box - I look at it as 'one-to-many' capable - but nothing for flat out fabricating the window label - a 'many-to-one' capability.

This simple patch provides this functionality by allowing the user to specify the window title on the command line.

Getting the Patch Downloads
Filename: ident-1.2.9.patch.gz
MD5 Checksum: 31c3f061f1dc5aeb98b7168fb11b8b78
Description: Applies to version 1.2.9 of GKrellM.
Applying the Patch Docs

After downloading the patch, you may apply it by first changing to the directoy into which you have untarred the GKrellM source. Then, execute the following command:
$ gzip -cd <filename> | patch -p1
Then rebuild GKrellM as usual.

Configuring GKrellM Docs

This patch works by displaying the value of the --config command line argument as GKrellM's window title. In order to create a valid configuration file for this switch, you must first run GKrellM with the --force-host-config switch:
$ gkrellm --force-host-config <label>
Configure this instance of GKrellM to your liking. Along the way, you may notice a new config option, 'Config suffix display':
Config suffix display
Checking this (and unchecking 'Hostname display' to its left) should put the value from your command line on the top of the window in place of the hostname. The config files you just created are recognizable because they all have '-<label>' appended to their filenames. You can access this configuration later by running GKrellM in the following way:
$ gkrellm --config <label>
To set this up for multiple computers, copy the files you just created with a new label on each. This should do it:
$ cd ~/.gkrellm
$ ls *-<label_old> | sed "s/\(.*\)-<label_old>/cp & \1-<label_new>/" | sh
Good luck!