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  Cryptofreak CVS Repository Access

'CVS' stands for Concurrent Version System, probably the most widely used revision control software in the world, and certainly the de facto standard among free software (perhaps because it is free itself!). This notoriaty means it is probably installed by default on just about any (non-MS) machine you can find. (Rest assured there are versions for both Windows and Mac OSs, however.)

If you've never used it before, it may seem a bit scary at first. Fortunately, there are many quality resources to help, and it would probably pay to peruse some or all of the following documents:

After you feel relatively comfortable with CVS, you can pick which method of source management best suits you. Some of the better options available are below, but remember that we're using a standard CVS server, so any client in existence should work just fine.

CVS Web 3.9.2001 11:36 pm -- ledge CVS

You can use CVSWeb to check out our repository from the web. It supplies read-only access only.

Anonymous CVS Access 3.9.2001 11:15 pm -- ledge CVS

You can download the full CVS repository from the command line. $CVSROOT should be set according to the following (using bash - I figure anyone using csh is 'l33t enough to know how to setup environment variables):

$ export CVSROOT=':pserver:anonymous, cryptofreak dot org:/home/cvsroot'

You can also define the location of the repository by using the '-d' switch on the command line and supplying that same string. You then need to login to the server. You only need to login once per session - your password will be temporarily stored on your local computer.

$ cvs login

Just hit Enter at the password prompt. You're now set to download the code. Remember that when you do a checkout, the current directory will be the location of any new project files!

$ cvs checkout project-name

CVS GUIs 3.9.2001 11:09 pm -- ledge CVS

There are several GUI-based CVS clients. Two of the prettiest are WinCVS (for Windows) and gCVS (for *nix). Here are a couple mini-screenshots:

Main Thumb      Main Thumb

They are both GPL'd and seem quite stable. They can both be downloaded from here, off the CVSGUI home page.

Set Your Password 9.30.2001 2:24 am -- ledge CVS

A facility for setting up a password here without calling me on the phone. Check it out here.