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  Antera CVS Repository Access

For a full introduction to CVS including HOWTOs and other documents, see the Cryptofreak CVS page. The following is Antera-specific and only accessible by you-know-who.

Antera CVS Access 10.23.2001 12:40 pm -- jnmiller CVS

The Antera CVS repository is now available for full read/write access to those with passwords! Everything should follow the standard CVS procedures. The location of the repository can be placed in your .bashrc with the following information:

Repository Name: antera
Repository Root: :pserver:username, cryptofreak dot org:/home/anteracvs

You may refer to the instructions here for further assistance on commands and so forth.

There is also a local version of CVSWeb running for the antera repository. You will find both the antera project (for documents, so far), and my filterfs project (for your viewing pleasure).

Set Your Password 9.30.2001 2:24 am -- ledge CVS

A facility for setting up a password here without calling me on the phone. Check it out here.